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  • Role and value of flexible technologies in supporting cost effective transition to a low carbon energy future
  • Closing keynote: COP-21 – Consequences and homework for the energy sector

Tutorial 3 – High Frequency Power Quality

The tutorial “High frequency power quality” gives an in-depth view on the current research conducted on emission and immunity issues in the frequency range 2 kHz – 150 kHz. This frequency range, used for narrow band power line communication (PLC) knows limited standards, but is on the other hand over-crowded with switching harmonics. Due to the increasing number of switching power electronic devices on the grid (grid connected inverters, switched…


Tutorial 4 – Information-centric communication infrastructure for real-time state estimation of distribution networks using PMUs

Distribution system operation can largely be improved by the availability of the accurate and real-time knowledge of the system state, facilitated by the use of Phasor Measurement Units. In that respect, a critical challenge is the lack of a scalable and resilient communication infrastructure for timely (i.e. sub-second) delivery of high volume of UTC-synchronized and continuous synchrophasor measurements, collected from different locations. The aim of this tutorial is to present…


Conference reception in Leuven’s historical town hall

The conference reception will take place in the Town Hall, being the historical heart of the city. A visit to the Leuven Town Hall is almost always accompanied with ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’. The building is justifiably the pride of the city. The first stone was laid in 1439 but the 236 statues have only been in place since 1850. Leuven scholars, artists and patron saints, Brabant counts and dukes, biblical…