Special Session on Offshore and HVDC grids

April 7, 2016

HVDC Offshore

The IEEE EnergyCon conference is proud to announce a special session on the evolutions of offshore and HVDC grids. This session is organized in collaboration with the FP7 project Medow (http://sites.cardiff.ac.uk/medow/) and the Friends of the Supergrid (http://www.fosg.eu).

The objective of this one day session is to debate the current state of the art of and ongoing developments in the field of offshore grid developments, and the prospects of expanding these grids into HVDC grids. This special session brings together the different stakeholders and highlights the challenges towards future deployment.

The session exists of two panel sessions before noon with world experts in the field, bridging industrial experience and academic challenges. In the afternoon, the results of the Medow research project on offshore wind and HVDC grids will be presented, and an interactive discussion on the future of both Offshore and HVDC grids will be held.

Medow Friends of the Super Grid IEEE EnergyCon 2016


09:00-10:30 Current state of offshore developments
Moderator: Oriol Gomis-Belmuntt (UPC, Barcelona)

  • Connecting offshore wind farms: building platforms at sea
    Bart Embrechts, Pascal Brunet (Fabricom – Engie)
  • Experiences with OFTOs
    Chris Veal (Transmission Investment LLP)
  • Offshore connections to wind farms
  • Services from offshore wind
    Nicolaos Cutululis (DTU)

10:30-11:00 Coffee

11:00-13:00 HVDC Grid prospects in Europe
Moderator: Norman MacLeod (PB & FOSG)

  • HVDC technology ready for grid implementation
    Magnus Callavik (ABB)
  • Standardization Guiding the Way to European HVDC Grids (CENELEC WG working group on HVDC grids)
    Frank Schettler (Siemens)
  • North Sea Infrastructure, a TSO perspective
    Mart van der Meijden (TenneT TSO)
  • Challenges beyond technics: financing and regulation
    Marta Navarrete (FOSG)
  • Structure, financing and regulation of the North Sea Grid
    Ronnie Belmans (KU Leuven)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Medow project outcomes

  • 14:00-14:15 Welcome and introduction to MEDOW project (dr.┬áJun┬áLiang)
  • 14:15-14:45 Offshore wind power transmission through DC grids (WP1)
  • 14:45-15:15 Investigation of voltage source converters for DC grids (WP2)
  • 15:15-15:45 Coffee / poster session
  • 15:45-16:15 Relaying protection in DC grids (WP3)
  • 16:15-16:45 Interactive AC/DC grids (WP4)
  • 17:15-18:00 Poster session/Cocktail/Networking

18:00-19:00 Reception and Poster Session


Participants only willing to attend the one-day HVDC Workshop are charged a registration fee of 95 EUR, including lunch and coffee breaks and networking reception. To participate in the HVDC Special Session on April 7:

  1. Go to and create a user account on http://www.conftool.com/energycon2016
  2. Proceed to the ‘Register as Participant’ page
  3. Select the option ‘HVDC Workshop’ from the list of participant categories
  4. Proceed to the next page and flag the ‘HVDC Workshop’ checkbox to register for the event
  5. Proceed to the payment page. The event is charged at 95 EUR.

Participants of IEEE ENERGYCON 2016 do not have to pay an additional fee to attend the HVDC Workshop. To register for the conference, follow the instructions provided on the registration page.